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Our project is independent – as all the world society -is also being affected by COVID-19 pandemic. We are asking for your collaboration in this conquest, here we go! 

To financially contribute or with another kind of support, as dissemination, partner, cts…

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Banco Inter – Agência: 001 – C/C 4834862-6
CNPJ: 23.403.837/0001-87

Mestre Sirso  – when the world is silence vibration is a Master

A thousand of lifes was interrupted by another epidemic in the 70’s decade and many of those who survived to meningitis had irreparable sequels. Sirso Neiva is a black man who lived at Cascavel suburb, in Paraná, and the diagnoses comes when he had only four years old. He return home after 30 days at hospital with complete loss of hearing. Nowadays Mestre Sirso has 50 years and a surprising history of a deaf man who found at Roda de Capoeira the vibration to break his silence. 

We’re producing a full-length documentary to tell  how Sirso meets Mestrinho, his master in Capoeira and in his life, and the Sirso’s fight outside the Roda to have guarantee of the basics rights as access to education. The Mestre Sirso story is a invited to recognized the Capoeira’s richness as a Mankind Cultural Heritage, the therapeutic benefits, and proposes broadening the public policies for social inclusion debate. 

Produced by Palma Imagem and 01010101 that – like everyone else in the world – also has been affected by the pandemic of COVID-19, but optimistic that better days will came. And invited you to make part of our team who’s supporting the project which is independent, without government support. In the next months we will release a Collective Crowdfunding  to complement the production cost and movie finalization. Support the construction of this narrative which propose a different point of view for the real social inclusion.

Producing and directing: Emanuela Palma
Executive producer: Leo Carnevale
Script: Geslline Braga
Director of photography : Bia Herbstrith
Camera assistance: Maryah Pasquini
Film editing: Thaís Inácio
Sound design: Rodrigo Boecker
Color treatment: Desiré Taconi
Production assistance : Andressa Scardua
Producing and Media: Marcella Lucas
Interpreter of LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language): Renan Messias
LIBRAS camera: Gabriel de Mello e Leonardo de Nizo