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Emanuela Palma

direction and production

Journalist, photographer, and audiovisual student. Post-graduation in Photography and image in Faculdade Cândido Mendes. Worked for six years as at TV Rondônia, afilliate to Rede Globo, as a producer, reporter, editor and presenter. Received honorable mention of Tim Lopes awards and was Intercom 2010 finalist with the documentary “Da Amazônia ao Pacífico: documentário sobre a Rodovia Interoceânica”. Finished the edition course by the International Cinema Academy, in Rio de Janeiro, and attended the Script course, in the Darcy Ribeiro Academy. Between 2013 and 2018 was production coordinator of Cinema And Human Rights Show, in Porto Velho, Rondônia. She has directed and produced the documentary “Interoceânica – da Amazônia ao pacífico”, the short film “Raízes e Rainhas”, and currently the movie “Mestre Sirso – when the world is silence the vibration is a Master”.

Leo Carnevale

executive production

Actor, director, writer and producer, with a degree in Letters from Universidade Federal Fluminense, he has been acting in cultural production since 1987. Over the years producing, directing and acting in works in the artistic field such as: Theater Shows and Festivals, caravans for shows, Culture Seminars, Performance Workshops and Cultural Management Workshops. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of CBTIJ – Brazilian Theater Center for Children and Youth since 2005. Currently producing the documentary “Mestre Sirso – when the world is silence, the vibration is a Master.”

Geslline Braga


Graduated in communication and sociology, specialized in photography (UEL) and photography as research instrument in social science, master (UFPR) and doctor in anthropology (USP), currently realized training work post-doctoral in Department of Cultural Geography (UFPR). Photographer since 1994. Act as anthropologist in culture projects since 2006, producing book, movies, and photographic exhibitions. College teacher since 2002, giving classes of photography and anthropology, between 2011 and 2013 was substitute teacher in Anthropology department (UFPR). Between 2014 and 2016, was a Adviser of UNESCO for the patrimony political diffusion. Since 2016 is a scriptwritter, researcher, producer and director in “Produtora de Audiovisual Transe Filmes”.

Bia Herbstrith

photografy direction

Graduated in communication and sociology, specialized in photography (UEL) and Photographer and cinematograph from Rio de Janeiro, post-graduate in photography and image at IUPERJ/UCAM, and also at Academia Internacional de Cinema do RJ e SP, by the Instituto Latino-americano de Cinema – SP, ateliê da imagem e ateliê oriente. She was a member from the group of photography ONZE-17 and exhibited some of his works in the gallery of art of Cândido Mendes, on CCJF-RJ, in the Festival International of Tiradentes and for BACKBONEARTS, in London. Actually lives in Italy, where she still trying to transfer the “ephemeral” trough clicks.

Thais Inácio

film editing

Work directing and film editing. Currently direct the fictional SCIFI movie “Do Observatório me viram”, recorded in Passa Tempo/MG, which tells a history of ufologist Niginho. Also works in a  short movie, which is a independent distribution, “Raízes e Rainhas”, from Emanuela Palma. The experimental movie “Não sei qual cidade se passa aos olhos dele”, directed also by João Bernardo Mendonça; and the movie “Todo mapa tem um discurso”, directed by Francine Albernaz. In literary works has co-participation in the book “Essa chuva que não passa”, and the photobook “Ilídia”. Currently the process of editing is focused in the movie “Mestre Sirso: When the world is silence the vibration is a Master”, directed by Emanuela Palma; Also in the research process about “Jerzy Grotowski”, the Polish Theatre director. At last, developed the short movie editing “Eu sou o meu próprio lar”, since script, with Soraia Arnoni’s directing.

Rodrigo Boecker

sound design

After 6 years working as a musical producer at TV Globo, Rodrigo was sound editor and songwriter to documentaries, as the short film multi-award winning “Cine Paissandu” by Christian Jafas, the long films “Galáxias” by Fabiano Maciel and “SeeWatchLook” by Michel Melamed. Rodrigo is sound designer in the animation “O projeto do meu pai” de Rosaria Moreira with 6 awards in 24th Anima Mundi. His long film “Um dia para Susana” wins the TFI Latin Marica, premiered at 42th São Paulo Exhibit, 40th in the Havana Film Festival, 43th Atlanta Film Festival, 17th Gdansk DocFilm, 8th MicGénero and at 13th This Human World received honorable mention of jury.

Fábio Barbosa


Trumpet player, composer and music producer, had his music Master title by UFPR making a ethnomusicological study at the Capoeira Salvador Beach Academy. Also work as arranger, composer and musical director at the band Charles Racional. Was finalist composer in 32nd University Song Festival. Capoeira player since 2003, currently in Capoeira groups  act as a teacher given musicalization workshop. Worked in Reviver Group as educator, where’s attends young children in vulnerable social position and people who’s HIV positive. Currently study and dedicated his time to composes and music practice of popular culture knowledge as Boi, Coconut Samba, Jongo and Capoeira music practices. Beside that also created and produced the soundtrack of the impact documentary “Mestre Sirso – Quando o mundo é silêncio, a vibração é Mestre” bringing the new point of view showing the inclusion through music.

Alisson Santos


Graduated in Music Education by UFPR. Percussion student, guitarist, composer and arranger. Musicalization teacher in NGO Steps from children. From 2013 to 2015 worked at CIA Maré Matinhos Theater – PR as sound designer and soundtrack composer, making sound effects to the “Agreste” play, and the complete soundtrack in the play “Ritalina”. Was researcher at  grupEtno (Ethnomusicology research group in UFPR, with focused in Brazilian popular culture mainly at the produced brazilian religion songs. From 2017 to 2019 published the chapter “Umbanda Music in a Community of Practice” in the book “Umbanda, culture and communication –  Views and crossroads”. Currently act in audiovisual projects like the documentary “Mestre Sirso – Quando o mundo é silêncio, a vibração é Mestre”, where’s acts as writer and soundtrack producer.

Desiré Taconi

color treatment 

In 2008 study cinema in the Escola Livre de Cinema, Baixada Fluminense. In 2009 make poster in the Cineclube Digital, in SESC, Nova Iguaçu; Also in 2009 was assistant director in the short film “O que vai ser?” (best film in Mostra da Baixada, Iguacine). In 2012 assemble the short film “Rio Cidade Olímpica” (best movie by popular demand)  in the Recine. In 2015 graduated in Graphic Design in SENAC (FAETEC). In 2018 study film editing in Escola de Cinema Darcy Ribeiro. Film editing the short film “Catarse” (best experimental movie in the student competition at Festival Porto Femme – Portugal).

Marcella Lucas

producer and media assistant

Student of letters in University Federal of Rio de Janeiro; Production assistant in short film “Raízes e Rainhas”; assistant teacher in the project “Luz do Saber”, that ensure literacy of children, teenagers and adults. Editor and co-writer in the book “Cacilda? Ivone. Revelação de uma vida” which will released soon. Producer and media assistant in the documentary “Mestre Sirso, quando o mundo é silêncio a vibração é Mestre”.

Helen Barros

designer and social media

Helen is an experienced professional with over 13 years of experience in the market developing brands, marketing campaigns, websites, apps, and digital art. In the last three years, she has been getting closer to audiovisual projects compromised in highlighting the stories of underrepresented people in Brazilian society.
She is responsible for creating the visual identity and marketing materials of “Raízes e Rainhas”, a short film that shows an itinerant project created to empower black women which started its first phase in Casa do Jongo da Serrinha (Rio de Janeiro). Now Helen is part of the communication team of the documentary “Mestre Sirso: quando o mundo é silêncio a vibração é mestre”.